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Me, in a nutshell

Since 2017, my life has been a whirlwind of spiritual transformation. Due to declining health, I had to step away from my corporate role as a Customer Service Manager at TD Bank. In early 2017, I underwent major bowel surgery, which became a catalyst for focusing on my well-being and happiness.

Transitioning away from the corporate world brought forth constant obstacles, challenging decisions, and valuable life lessons. What an incredible journey it has been!

In June 2019, I founded The Mind, Body & Soul Collective, organizing pop-up markets, retreats, and workshops. My exploration of Reiki began in early 2020, and as I completed my initial training levels, I discovered that Reiki opens the door to the vast realm of healing and its infinite possibilities.

Having achieved the status of Reiki Master in 2022, I made the decision to close The Mind, Body & Soul Collective and focus on offering intimate retreats and one-on-one healing experiences.

Finding an authentic and soulful community of friends and teachers has been a true blessing. Through this community and my own healing journey, I experienced a profound transformation. Ignited by working through my own traumas and insecurities alongside other healers, I have embraced my calling as a healer and now strive to share the gift of healing with others.

To me, healing happens holistically when the mind, body, and soul are in harmony. As I continue on this remarkable journey, the possibilities for its unfolding are boundless, and I eagerly anticipate sharing each step with you.

Thank you for taking the time to glimpse into my journey so far.

If there's one thing I've learned in the past 6 years, it's that this is only the beginning!

Nicole Marques; reiki master, energy healer, human design chart readings, energy clearings, retreat facilitator


Why Urth Elements?

urth elements, goddess urth, urth goddess


Urth, also known as Urd, was part of the Norns, the “fates” of Norse mythology. The Norns were three sister goddesses who were tasked with deciding the fate of people.

Mythological stories say the sisters would “spin the threads of life, cut marks in the pole figure, and measure people’s destinies.”

Each sister had a task, as revealed in the meanings of their names.

Urth represented “fate” or “the past;”
Skuld was either “debt” or “future;” and
Verdandi meant “happening” or “present.”

According to legends, the Norns were present at every person’s birth and decided their destiny at that time.

I chose this name for my business to play on the idea of fate.

I am a believer that we are in control of our own destiny. I feel like there’s an Urth in all of us. In fact, I believe there’s various goddess within us, we just need call upon them and trust the process.


There are four elements: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER which are believed to be essential to life.

The world around us is composed of these four elements. Whether or not you work with the four elements in your practice, you've probably heard about them since so many spiritual practices refer to them in some way.

The presence of natural elements can improve your physical and psychological health, as well as your creativity. Your overall well-being will change dramatically when you integrate the four elements into your spiritual practice.

Every element has its own essence, which carries both light and dark attributes. A combination of different energies, neither positive nor negative, makes up an element.

In addition to the four elements, there is a fifth element, known as Spirit, Aether, Space, or Akasha.

I hope to convey the significance of these elements to my clients by incorporating them into my brand.

urth elements, the 4 elements
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