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Me, in a nutshell

It has been a whirlwind spiritual journey for me since 2017. As a result of a decline in my health, I had to leave my corporate role as Customer Service Manager with TD Bank. In early 2017, I had major bowel surgery and used this as an opportunity to focus on my health & happiness. 

After transitioning from the corporate world, I faced constant obstacles, difficult decisions, life lessons, and more. Wow - what a journey it's been.


In June of 2019 I created The Mind, Body & Soul Collective, a collection of pop-up markets, retreats, and workshops. I began my Reiki journey in early 2020 after completing my first two levels of training. Almost every Reiki practitioner will tell you that Reiki is the gateway to the world of healing and its infinite possibilities.


After becoming a Reiki Master in 2022, I closed The Mind, Body & Soul to focus on more intimate retreats and one-on-one healing.


It has been such a blessing to find an authentic, soulful, loving community of friends and teachers and my path as a healer began through this community. As I worked through my own traumas and insecurities with other healers, a spark was ignited within me. I have now made it my purpose to share the possibility of healing with you.

I believe healing happens holistically when the mind, body, and soul are in harmony. Using products that are clean, animal-free, and not harmful to the body is imperative to me. I believe in eating a well-balanced diet, meditating to connect with the soul and moving the body to release stagnant energy.


The possibilities for how my journey will unfold are endless, and I am looking forward to sharing them all with you.


Thank you for taking the time to read a snippet of my journey so far.

If I’ve learned anything in the past 7 years, it’s that this is only the beginning!



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