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Ring of Fire; New Moon Solar Eclipse

On June 10, we will have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, which will invite us to initiate changes that will reverberate over the next six months. Are you ready to shake up the way you communicate, experience opportunities to learn new things and open new roads to fulfillment?!

So, what is a New Moon Solar Eclipse and what makes it so special?

A New Moon Solar Eclipse is like a super-charged, super-potent new moon. Similar to a regular monthly new moon, this is a great time to begin something new, or at the very least, set intentions to manifest new experiences. However, the key difference between a New Moon and a New Moon Eclipse is that any situations that arise during or around the time of the eclipse will have a much longer impact on your life.

But, let’s not forget, this eclipse is also being considered a Ring of Fire.

Normally, when a solar eclipse occurs, the moon casts a shadow onto Earth creating a visual phenomenon. During the moon's orbit, it would typically move between the Earth and the sun blocking its light from reaching Earth.

This is when you would see the eclipse of the sun for a period of time. The difference between a normal eclipse and this ring of fire event, though, is that the moon will be covering the center of the sun, which will allow only the outer edges of the sun to be visible, forming a ring of red around the moon.

This New Moon will not only be in the sign of Gemini, (this is my moon!) - which rules communication, learning, short-distance travel, transportation and electronics, but it will also be strongly influenced by mercury retrograde and Neptune. Because of this, you may find yourself fighting through a little confusion and mental fog to find the gift during this New Moon Eclipse.

This is no time for judgement, blame or any other low-vibe behavior. It’s a time to set clear, concise boundaries and goals that will help you access your highest sense of self. You are more powerful than you can even imagine! Let this eclipse and the universe guide you to connecting more deeply to your power.

Join us for a New Moon Group Reiki this Wednesday, June 9th at 9 PM EST. Register HERE.

Happy New Moon!


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