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To Believe or Not To Believe, That Is The Question. Reiki For Beginners.


A word you may have heard before. You may be reading this hoping to get some sort of clue as to what this 'Reiki thing' is all about. Reiki is a hands on (and off when preferred) ancient healing system, practised across three levels including Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, which is a master level. Reiki has arguably been around for thousands of years, believed to have originated in Tibet during Buddhist times, however it was rediscovered in Japan towards the end of the 19th century by Dr Usui. Reiki was brought to the West by a lady called Mrs Hawayo Takata, who trained others to become Reiki masters. Since this, Reiki is now extensively practiced worldwide and is growing more and more popular.

Research highlights a small fraction of the wonders that Reiki can bring to people, and the impact that it can have on improving one's life for the better. It is important to note that Reiki is not just useful for physical conditions such as pain relief. Reiki operates on a holistic level and is therefore helpful on psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.

Let's clarify what Reiki IS and IS NOT.

Reiki is NOT witchcraft.

Despite perhaps appearing mystical and mysterious to you, Reiki is not some kind of magic performed by individuals magical powers.

Reiki is NOT made up.

Just because you can't experience something visually, or come to comprehend the mechanisms as to how it works, does NOT mean that it does not exist. We are all just energy vibrating at a certain frequency. Reiki is energy. Reiki energy works to balance your energy frequency.

Reiki IS available to everyone.

Reiki is not a practice in which only "special" or "chosen" individuals can be a part of. You don't have to be a certain type of person to teach, practice or receive Reiki and there are certainly no special requirements. Reiki is available for absolutely everyone to do, as you get attuned by a Reiki master, and available for anyone to receive, as long as you are open to receiving.

Reiki is NOT an overnight cure

Reiki is not an external force that is going to heal all of your problems, pains and issues in one hit. Reiki is something that flows through your body from the practitioner, who acts as a channel for the energy to flow through, which speeds up the healing process of your body. Your body will naturally draw in all of the Reiki energy that it needs. Therefore Reiki does not heal you, it simply enhances your body's ability to heal itself.

Reiki can:

  • Accelerate healing and recovery

  • Promote stress reduction and increase levels of relaxation

  • Balance the flow of energy in the body by releasing blockages

  • Relieve emotional distress by balancing and clearing emotions

  • Assist the body in cleansing toxins

  • Enable the individual to become more in tune with their higher self

  • Promote inner peace and harmony

Ready to experience your own Reiki session? Click here to Book your appointment.

Nicole Marques

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