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woman holding a crystal pendulum.

Distance Reiki


Distance Reiki is a session that is not done face to face. Distance healing works regardless of where you are! 


In this session, you will receive your Reiki blessing no matter where you are or what you're doing. This can also be used to send Reiki to a future date and/or location (a wedding, an event, a gathering, an operation, an interview etc)


Each Distance Reiki session is unique and will be 30 minutes long. 


Upon booking, please submit the following at checkout: 

  • Purpose or intention of this session
  • Location
  • Date needed for Reiki blessing


I may connect with you to discuss if further details are needed.


Once I have completed the session, you will be emailed with any notes or suggestions that come up from the session. 


Full session fee along with 24 hours notice is required for all Distance Reiki bookings.


All Distance Reiki Sessions are non-refundable. Distance Reiki will still be sent.

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