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Human Design Bodygraph

Human Design Reading


Wouldn't it be helpful if you were born with an instruction manual that outlined what gifts you've been given and how to best utilize them? Well, you can think of Human Design as your soul's energetic blueprint. Human Design reveals to us how we can most easily and enjoyably fulfil our purpose in this world by using and exchanging our energy.


What's Included:

A full chart overview outlining and explaining;

  • What is Human Design
  • Let's Break it Down
  • Your Chart
  • Your Summary
  • The Centers
  • Your Centers
  • The Types
  • Your Type
  • Your Strategy
  • Your Authority
  • Signature & Not-Self theme
  • Definition
  • Profile
  • Incarnation Cross
  • Gates
  • Channels
  • Variables
  • Recap
  • Recommendations


You will receive a coloured PDF emailed to you within 5-7 business days of purchase (given you've provided all required information).

  • Refund Policy

    There are no refunds on Human Design Readings.

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