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My mission is to make healing achievable, affordable, and easily accessible through Reiki, Human Design, and Wellness Retreats. We understand the challenges individuals face in their pursuit of well-being, whether it's financial constraints, limited access to holistic practices, or time constraints. By combining the power of Reiki, a gentle energy healing technique, with the profound insights of Human Design, I offer individuals the tools to embrace their unique energetic blueprint and make decisions aligned with their true nature.


Additionally, with carefully curated Wellness Retreats, I provide a supportive environment for individuals to immerse themselves in transformative experiences. I believe that healing should be within reach for everyone, which is why we offer flexible pricing options and prioritize convenience through online sessions and accessible retreat locations.


My mission is to empower individuals on their healing journey, regardless of their circumstances, and create a world where healing is a reality for all.


Urth, also known as Urd, was part of the Norns, the “fates” of Norse mythology. The Norns were three sister goddesses who were tasked with deciding the fate of people.

Mythological stories say the sisters would “spin the threads of life, cut marks in the pole figure, and measure people’s destinies.”

Each sister had a task, as revealed in the meanings of their names.

Urth represented “fate” or “the past;”
Skuld was either “debt” or “future;” and
Verdandi meant “happening” or “present.”

According to legends, the Norns were present at every person’s birth and decided their destiny at that time.

I chose this name for my business to play on the idea of fate.

I am a believer that we are in control of our own destiny. I feel like there’s an Urth in all of us. In fact, I believe there’s various goddess within us, we just need call upon them and trust the process.



There are four elements: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER which are believed to be essential to life.

The world around us is composed of these four elements. Whether or not you work with the four elements in your practice, you've probably heard about them since so many spiritual practices refer to them in some way.

The presence of natural elements can improve your physical and psychological health, as well as your creativity. Your overall well-being will change dramatically when you integrate the four elements into your spiritual practice.

Every element has its own essence, which carries both light and dark attributes. A combination of different energies, neither positive nor negative, makes up an element.

In addition to the four elements, there is a fifth element, known as Spirit, Aether, Space, or Akasha.

I hope to convey the significance of these elements to my clients by incorporating them into my brand.

Retreats & Events
No upcoming events at the moment

Retreats & Events

Previous events were hosted through my sister company, The Mind, Body & Soul Collective.

The Collective was a collection of popup markets, mini retreats in the city, weekend getaways, meetups and networking events.

I have since changed direction and solely want to focus on intimate healing retreats and events. 

I would love to meet you at our next event!



"Nicole is an incredible healer and Reiki Master. I have done many Reiki sessions with Nicole and each time has been incredibly transformational and healing. Nicole really cares about helping to move energy and unblock your different chakras, which creates a powerful transformation within.

Every time Nicole and I have done Reiki, something has shifted and healed within me that I didn’t even know what there.
I have done both distance and in person Reiki with Nicole, and both have been exceptional. For distance Reiki, it felt like she was right there in person and was equally as powerful.
Nicole also does an incredible job at connecting to your energy and infusing it with so much love.

I highly recommend Nicole because she truly cares about you as a client. She takes the time and is fully committed in her sessions. She also follows up with you multiple times afterwards to see how you’re doing.

If you’re looking to explore Reiki, I highly recommend booking a session with Nicole. You will be so glad you did."

- Simona

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