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Human Design Chart Reading

Human Design is also called the Science Of Differentiation, the New Astrology, or the Science of The Aura. It’s a system that combines modern science with ancient modalities including Western Astrology, The I Ching, The Chakra System, and Kabbalah The Tree of Life. Based on your birth information, Human Design tells you how your energy is unique, how your aura works, how you are designed to make decisions/follow your form of intuition, what your unique set of gifts are, what your life purpose is, and much more! Once you know your Human Design type (more on that below), your Human Design Chart shows the blueprint for your unique energetic makeup and gives you the owner’s manual on how to operate your energy correctly.

The purpose of Human Design is to support you in experiencing personal alignment.
When we are in alignment, we feel less resistance in our life and more harmony, abundance, and ease. Instead of swimming upstream, we learn how to get in alignment with the flow of energy that can support us in living our purpose, with less effort and struggle.

Human Design supports you in building the confidence to navigate any new circumstance as the most authentic and aligned version of yourself. Fully understanding who you are and how your energy operates will lead to you naturally living out your life purpose. We often think of our purpose as one thing we came here to do, but really, our purpose is the energy we came here to be in all of the things that we do. When you dive in deeper, Human Design will show you many different facets of your purpose (beyond just your Type), but the amazing thing about Human Design is that even without knowing the deeper layers of your design, you can begin to naturally align with your purpose by starting with the given strategy and putting into practice the other insights Human Design can offer. 

Nicole Master; Reiki Master Healer, Human Design Chart Readings, Energy Clearing, Retreat Facilitator
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